Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Picture Posting Guidelines!

I'm going to give guidelines for how supporters and up can post pictures of themselves with a full-patch. 

First of all it is a core belief that it's important for us to be able to share cool looking pictures on social media to gain followers, and advertise our presence to potential members. Therefore it's intrinsically important that cool looking pictures of us riding in a pack, or various people standing next to us such as supporters and hang around in group pictures, be shared on social media. There is a prohibition on posting pictures of a patch you haven't earned, but this is more for new supporters not to make their profile picture our back patch. 

Accordingly if we take a group picture, a prospect, hang around or supporter in the picture should be able to share the picture on social media, and not be restricted from doing so just because one of us has our patch visible. Remember that we're not a 1% Club and we don't need to always follow their guidelines in everything, it shouldn't be if an old lady takes a picture of the group of us that she can't post it for fear of her husband getting yelled at, nor should we miss out on the opportunity to share epic or iconic images of our organization like a bunch of Brothers riding in the wind. So here's my direction:

1. Feel free to post group pictures of Disciples riding, or standing together.
2. Group pictures are defined as pictures we know you're taking, for instance if a group of us is out riding or staring at a camera, as opposed to sneaking in and taking a picture of a secret meeting, or pictures of us when we aren't looking and didn't authorize it.
3. If you appear in a picture, and a full patch is visible, that's okay to post. Because you appear in the picture.
4. You can share a picture from a full patches page. You're clearly sharing somebody else's post so that's okay to do as opposed to posting as if it's you.
5. A RIP picture of a fallen Disciple with his cut.
6. If a full patch feels a certain picture is inappropriate be gracious in asking for its remove, and explain why as well so it's clear.
7. And of course... No pictures with 1%ers, support gear, or their support clubs.

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Your Lady is Important to the Mission Too

This is a story about the sisters in the motorcycle clubs. Once upon a time I was an young single Enforcer who may or may not have been at war with another motorcycle club. I knew the Warlord who was my counterpart in that club, and his ol' lady. When the war was over we became great friends. One day he and I were shooting pool in my clubhouse when I realized that the dandruff I was scratching out of my hair onto the black felt of the pool table was crawling around. He proclaimed that I had a bad case of lice, no surprise since I was a filthy dirty long haired biker. "Brother," he declared, "you're either gonna have to shave that hair off, or let my ol' lady take care of that." So he made a call to her and we hopped on our motorcycles for the short ride to their place. She met us at the door with a trash bag. "Strip!" she commanded and I did, placing my filthy clothes in her trash bag. "Underwear too." I guess I looked uncomfortable and her old man laughed at me and told me I better do what she says.

She washed my clothes, sent me I to the shower with a bottle of lice soap, then spent the next few hours with a nit comb working on my head. She was the old biker mama type who had raised kids, her own and otherwise, and none of this was new to her.

This simple act of motherly kindness has burned brightly in my memory for decades now. I was a lost young soul with no woman, no family, nothing but a Harley. Even though they were in a different club, they took care of me, and I even lived in their house for a while. Now I don't expect your lady to see me naked, shower me or handle my lice, it's an illustration of an extreme act of service. But I do have a question. 

How is your lady involved? Is she here to help, or gossip. Is she selfless and giving or is she bitter for anything she's called on to do? Does she show up to sow into the event or is she there to sell Amway to the other ladies? Are you teaching her the selfless values of service and ministry we envision and live? Are you communicating that there is a place and a part for her too? Or is this your club, and she's not really welcome? Does she know the hurt and pain the women in the clubhouse have been through? Is she equipped to pray over them on the spot like you would for their old man? Are you equipping and preparing her? Would she pull lice our of a brothers hair? From another club? Does she understand what a great role the gentle kindness of a gracious woman can play, or is she nervously hanging around he edges because you haven't given her direction?

I've seen big differences in the charters. I've seen charters where the women don't show up at all,  and charters where the women are engaged, out riding with us, manning the prayer tent (or maybe womanning it?), out in the clubhouses, engaging me in conversation when I'm in town, asking me the questions they always wanted to know about the club, telling me tearfully their husbands testimony, feeding us, and furthering the mission.

What are you doing to let her know how important she is to the mission?

James Disciple Johnson
Natl President and Founder
Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

Thursday, May 5, 2016

They Keep Watch Over Your Soul

Hebrews 13:17; Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account.  Let them do this with joy and not with grief, for this would be unprofitable for you.

Men, obeying our leaders and submitting to them, is a difficult text to speak on because of our culture and direction most of us have come from. Our culture is anti-authoritarian and postmodern, and both ideas militate against obedience or submission. 

Not sure how many of you have heard the term, Counterfeit Leadership.  The responsibility of a leader is to lead.  And those appointed under these leaders will support them without consignation.  This means, all below will raise up those appointed above and obey and submit where necessary.  The Greek words for “obey” and “submit” mean to obey and submit!  The difference, if any, between the two words is that obedience implies going along with direction or commands, whereas submission involves an attitude.  You can obey outwardly while seething with anger on the inside, but you aren’t submitting.  Submission implies a sweet spirit of cooperation that stems from trust.  You trust that the leaders have your best interests at heart, and so you go along with them.

God has constituted various levels of authority under His ultimate authority.  The purpose for all authority is to protect and bless those under authority.  God establishes the authority of Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club to protect and bless the God-filled Christian men called to this MC from those that would harm or take advantage of them.  While James Johnson and the National leadership do their job's, the enemy are kept at bay, and the members of this MC can dwell in peace and continue to pursue our mission statement. 

This flows down to all state charters.  Just like in a church, James Johnson with guidance from God has appointed State Presidents and all officer positions (shepherds) to oversee the flock (Acts 20:28; 1 Pet. 5:1-4).  They are not to lord it over the church, but rather to be examples to the flock (1 Pet. 5:3; 2 Cor. 1:24).  On every level, those in authority are never in absolute authority.  Every leader will give an account to God!

When is the church/MC responsible to obey and submit?  Obviously, when the leaders teach God’s truth, especially on the essential doctrines and commands of the faith, we all must submit.  It is not the leaders’ authority, but God’s, that we must submit to.  If it is an area where godly Christians may differ, we must give grace to one another to disagree.  But submission to godly leadership would require that if you disagree on a secondary matter, you would be disobeying God to lead this MC.  There needs to be a respect shown toward the officers of those who has God appointed.  Paul wrote to Titus (2:15), “These things speak and exhort and reprove with all authority, Let no one disregard you.” To disregard Titus would have been to disregard God, whose word Titus preached.

I hope many of you will take to heart two simple applications.  First, prepare your heart for ministering within this MC by taking some time during the week, to pray for our leaders at each level. Pray that your heart would be open and submissive to God’s Word. Spend a few minutes reading the Word and praying on it.  Pray for the effectiveness of Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club and those whom are touched by it.

Gary Hippy Glover
Salty Few Crew